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SS: SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack FS 91(EEE) +*B

SD: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tetrazzini FS 94 (EEEE) 4*M

Sire: SG Temp Aquila Zodiac FS 90 (VEE) +*B (Listed on the ADGA Elite Bucks list in 2015 & 2016)

DS: Nodaway Never Ending Story

DD: Antiquity LAS Allison FS 80 (A+++) 7*M

Dam: SG Montage NNE Story Annie

Aries is our top buck and comes from north Georgia. He is producing some good looking daughters who will be on DHIR test. We look forward to seeing what his bloodlines can do for our herd. Aries was awarded SG in the fall of 2017!

SS: GCH Windrush Farm's IRS Charmer​ ++*B

SD: SGCH Amy's Pride SC Snikles 2*M

Sire: Amy's Pride Charmer Savvy *B

DD: SG Amy's Pride TR Dani 1*M

DS: Hoanbu Freelance Profit +*B

Dam: SGCH Amy's Pride Profit Deena 2*M

Flint came to us from Casey's Goats and brings another strong bloodline to our herd.

SS: Amy's Pride CS Flint *B

SD: Casey's Goats Lady Kaye

Sire: Casey's Goats Sir Sneezy​

DS: SG Hammock Haven MZA Serenita 2*M

DD: Montage Monte Carlo *B

Dam: Simply Dutch Rose

Wesley is our newest buck. Wesley brought new blood to the herd through his father Sneezy.
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