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This site has helpful information regarding all aspects of goats. We use Molly's Herbal wormer weekly unless chemical wormers are needed.

Milking machines and all kinds of parts for different systems.

Goat Supplies

(We use their free choice minerals and Buck Power)

How to do your own fecal egg counts.

Langston University

The tasks of raising dairy goats is a year round effort. What to do and when to do it? Here’s a year round guide written by Mary Blankevoort, DVM, to help you…

Dairy Goat Management Calendar

This site has helpful blogs and forums. Great learning information.

Hoegger Farm Yard

We buy syringes and needles in bulk from Jeffers. Also some farm and tattoo supplies.


We use this alfalfa on our farm. The goats love it!


Sea-90 Essential Elements for All Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture. We have used this as a supplement.

Sea Agri

We use blood work to determine pregnancy and any diseases such as CAE or Johne's. Learning to draw blood from a goat can be intimidating. Dan is willing to teach you how. Just ask.

Central Florida Large Animal Veterinary Services

Manufacturer and Wholesale Distributor of Quality Milking Equipment and Agriculture Supplies.


Supplies for all sorts of farm animals

Spring Water Animal Supply

We use this spray after milking.It's a teat disinfectant for the control of mastitis.

Fight Bac

This is a great site with many articles. Onion Creek Ranch raises meat goats. The articles can be used for any goat farming.

Premier 1 Supplies has great trace minerals and vitamins.

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