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Hammock Haven Guinness  FS 88 (VVE) *B  AA1685950

     SS: Montage S Chanceux

Sire: Island Creek Abraham

     SD: SG Island Creek Saga D'Argent

     DS: Walnut-Fork Kiev Saul

Dam: SG Island Creek Farm's Dauphine

     DD: Walnut-Fork Kolkata Kelly

Patrick will be an excellent addition to any herd. The son of Phoebe, he gives us some of the most loving does with superior milk lines. Both his sister Shamrock and dam Phoebe earned their SG award. In 2017 his mother appraised a 90 VEEE. We are selling because our herd has so much of his blood in it already and we're needing new bloodlines. He is a friendly buck and easy to deal with. He earned his *B this fall.

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